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Nanaimo's E-cigarette Store, located on Vancouver Island.

Vape250 established in 2012


We are UPDATING the site during the first week of July.  Products have been disabled while we do, we apologize for the inconvenience.  This will allow us to ensure our product offerings on the site reflect better what we have in store.

Legislation in BC just got real....…/2015HLTH0011-000285.htm


We are working together as vendors but need you the consumer to take action!
If you haven't already, write your MLA now! You can't wait any longer! They need to hear from you the consumer! They need to hear your story!

  • Tell them how old you are
  • Tell them how long you were smoking
  • Tell them how long you have been vaping
  • Tell them you how vaping helped you get away from cigarettes!
  • Tell them how you are feeling better everyday.
  • Tell them how you are breathing easier....
  • Tell them how you are able to run that little bit further...
  • Tell them how vaping has changed you!
  • Tell them how vaping is nothing like the tobacco products that you are trying to get away from!
  • Tell them that you agree with the regulation of sales to minors!

If you have lost someone to a tobacco related illness and want something better for yourself tell them that too!

Please don't personally attack them in your letter. This works against the cause. They need to hear how it helped you!

Be diplomatic... be professional and get all your friends to write too!

Peer reviewed data is powerful! We will post lists to studies which would be great to use in your letters shortly after this post.

If you don't know who your MLA is... you can look them up here:


Welcome to Vape250 Retailing E-cigarettes and Accessories! 

Vape250 an e-cigarette retailer in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island which has been in operation since 2012!  At Vape250, our customers, are our first priority.  When you transition to e-cigarettes from the undebateably more harmful version of analogue cigarettes, we ca help you every step of the way.  We test every electronic cigarette we sell prior to putting it in our display case, so we are aware of the benefits and drawbacks and can apply that knowledge to your personal ecigarette requirements.   We actively research information about any ejuice we sell in our store and query each juice maker about their processes and product ingredients.  Unlike a lot of the other vendors, if we don't feel an ejuice is made in a proper environment, you will never see it in our store.  You only have one set of lungs... don't let a store gamble them away with ejuice from unclean sources.  

We only sell juices made in Canada that conform to our strict criteria and American juices made with American made nicotine.  We are here to help you on your path to leaving cigarettes behind in favour of a harm reduced e-cigarette.

 Quit smoking cigarettes, start vaping ecigarettes and embrace the alternative!


We are now at our new location!!!

#9 140 Terminal Ave

Nanaimo, BC

V9R 5C5


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